Growing Together The Series

This month our focus is all about Growing Together. Growing Together as families, Growing Together as Christ Followers, and Growing Together as a community. LUKE 8:5-15

What kind of SOIL surrounds you?

As a family we need to make sure that our SOIL is nurturing, a wonderful place to grow, learn, and become what we were created to become. It’s easy to take one another for granted, to let all the pressures of life pile on us like stone, but we need to find the strength NOT to be overwhelmed and pressed down. Remembering that every person in our family is a gift from God and no matter how the things of life may get in the way, we should never take those gifts for granted. Instead, we need to nurture and love our family ,and remember why we wanted to get married and start a family. Never forgetting that every day is a gift.

As Christ Followers we remember that God gave us The Instruction Book for LIFE – The Bible. Sometimes the weeds of life can strangle and smother us. We may feel like we have no hope or strength to make it through another day. But that is when we need to remember that God’s Word will help us in those times, the scriptures are meant to encourage and empower us to overcome life’s adversities. And when the environment we are in starts to overtake us, that’s when we need to pray and ask God for help and guidance. He is always there listening, just waiting to hear the voice of His children.

As a community we can help others and encourage others by loving them, praying for them, and being good neighbors to them. Sharing with them how God brought us through our tough environments (stone, weeds, etc) and saw us through to a full, rich life  growing in the love of God. When we embrace those that need encouragement, we are allowing God to work through us, to shine through us so that all may see just how much He loves us all.

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Husband to Stephanie, father to Seth, and one on the way. Lead Pastor of Safe Haven Church View all posts by Growing Together

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